Lou + James | Maleny Retreat Wedding and Pelican Waters Reception

Okay this wedding feels like forever ago, okay maybe it was, though it doesn’t feel like it to me with this couples lovely photo in my office.  Lou and James contacted me looking for somebody to photograph there engagement party at Pelican Waters and they were also considering the option of having an intimate wedding on the same morning.  And that is exactly what they did.  They had the most beautiful wedding at 11am at one of the hinterlands picturesque wedding locations, ‘Manley Retreat’, surrounded by close family.  Lou couldn’t asked more from the day, the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, the temperature was perfection, the flowers looked amazing and Lou was about to marry her best friend James.

The day was  little bit different running wise to normal, with the day being split and also that most of the engagement party attendees were not aware that Lou and James were tying the knot that morning. The ceremony was just beautiful with Lynette Macquire as there celebrant. They nailed shut a handmade wooden box to re-open in the future (maybe on there 10 year anniversary -with there vows and a bottle of bubbly shut inside). To add a little bit of entertainment to there morning – after the ceremony, whilst having there photos they saw there brand newly signed wedding papers get swept up in a gust of wind.  Was very entertaining watching there family (*cough cough who were looking after them*) chase after them in what seemed like a little mini tornado like gust of wind as they seemed to stay up in the air for what seemed forever (the papers not coming back did not cross there mind for a second, though the family may thought otherwise when they saw the papers disappear).

We stayed and had location photos at Maleny Retreat, and then met up later in the day to capture some more photos at Pelican Waters Golf Club as the Sunset as our backdrop on the golf course. The light was amazing!  What a day, and then the excitement of walking in after everyone arrived an announcing Mr and Mrs Bennett.  A Perfect all round day!

Ceremony: Maleny Retreat
Reception: Pelican Waters Golf Club
Celebrant: Lynette Macguire
Florist: Willow Bud
Hair/Makeup Artist: Calleja Artistry
DJ: All Star Disc Jockeys
Transport: Birti the Bentley

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Lou + James-367Lou + James-369Lou + James-371Maleny Retreat Wedding PhotographerLou + James-373Lou + James-374Lou + James-376Lou + James-377Maleny Retreat Wedding PhotographyLou + James-383Lou + James-385Lou + James-387Lou + James-423Lou + James-425Lou + James-427Lou + James-429 copyLou + James-430Lou + James-433Lou + James-437Lou + James-438Lou + James-440Lou + James-441Lou + James-442Lou + James-444Lou + James-445Lou + James-446Lou + James-447Lou + James-448Lou + James-449Lou + James-526Lou + James-529Lou + James-530Lou + James-542Lou + James-549Lou + James-555Lou + James-557Lou + James-562Calleja ArtistryLou + James-576 copyMaleny Retreat Wedding PhotographyMaleny Retreat Wedding PhotographyMaleny Retreat Wedding PhotographyLou + James-600Maleny Retreat Wedding PhotographyLou + James-626Maleny Retreat BusMaleny Retreat Wedding PhotographyMaleny Retreat BusLou + James-649 copyMaleny Retreat Wedding PhotographyMaleny Retreat WeddingMaleny Retreat WeddingMaleny Retreat WeddingLou + James-678 copyLou + James-681 copyMaleny RetreatLou + James-690Maleny RetreatMaleny RetreatMaleny Retreat PhotographerLou + James-711Maleny RetreatLou + James-729Lou + James-731Pelican Waters Cake CuttingLou + James-736Lou + James-737Pelican Waters Wedding PhotographerLou + James-745Pelican Waters Wedding PhotographerPelican Waters Wedding PhotographerPelican Waters Wedding PhotographerPelican Waters Wedding PhotographyLou + James-775Pelican Waters Wedding PhotographyLou + James-794Pelican Waters Wedding PhotographyLou + James-798Lou + James-799Pelican Waters KangarooLou + James-801Lou + James-802Lou + James-803Lou + James-820Lou + James-822Lou + James-824Lou + James-827Lou + James-828Lou + James-832Lou + James-834Lou + James-836Lou + James-837Pelican Waters WeddingMaleny Retreat Wedding Photographer | Pelican Waters Wedding Photographer | Maleny Retreat Wedding Photography | Pelican Waters Wedding Photography

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