My Vow Renewal – Halfmoon Hideaway

So I generally share a lot about other peoples families and there memories.  So thought it was about time to share a little bit about a special moment in my life.  In February this year my husband and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary.
We thought it would be nice to be able to take the time to acknowledge the path we chose, how we got here, the life we have created and most of all each other.  Another side of it was that I wanted to share and show our 3 beautiful children how much LOVE there mum and dad still have for each other.  They might know, though they might not see all the nice things we do for each other to show our love, and there is still so much love after 10 years.

We were so glad we took this time to celebrate it with each other and our boys.  It all started with finding a dress, which I was lucky enough to find something perfect from Marilyn Crystelle Bridal.  It needed a few adjustments and Marilyn made it just perfect.  We booked a 3 day stay at Half Moon Hideaway at Maleny which was just absolutely amazing as far as a location, the accommodation was perfect and Gillian couldn’t of made us feel more welcome.  Of course for this special day I took advantage of organizing my hair and makeup to be done by two of the coasts best!  Kerrie from Hair 4 Brides styled my hair and Natalie from Natalie Hunter Makeup Artist took care of my makeup and both made me feel beautiful on this special day.  To Top it off I had some crazy idea about getting some massive Balloons filled with confetti  and getting the amazing Julia from Ginger Lily and Rose to add some foliage to the balloons strings and florals to make beautiful ceremony setup.  Julia made my little vision come to life.  From this how could I not have this special moment in our families time captured.  I had to have an amazing photographer and videographer.  How could I go past Chloe from White Images and Tanya from White Lace Films.  They captured and told our story beautifully!  So a huge shout out to everyone that was part of this for us. Thank-you.

So that is everyone that was involved.  Now let me tell you about my day! It was amazing, and like our wedding day 10 years ago, it has a small story to share.  So as I mentioned it was amazing, the day flowed smoothly, the sun was shining, it couldn’t have been more perfect!  Halfway through my makeup being done, I could see a few grey clouds heading over, I didn’t think much of it at that point.  Then we all got ready and you just knew that it was going to rain soon, so we got a wriggle on and headed down to the ceremony.  Nathan my bub loved our music we played and had a little groove and the ceremony got under way!  We took a special moment to head over to the beautiful figtree and talk about the past 13 years that we had been together with the boys as I had about 15 photos that we had pinned on the tree with some of our special moments!  Heading back to the deck where we were having our ceremony, David started his vows, and about 3/4 through it started to rain! My oldest boy freaked because we were all getting wet, (was partially funny now that we think about it) but timing was not at its best, as David was trying to share something special with me! We finished with a Kiss and all made a dash back up to the house.  It absolutely bucketed down.  With a tin roof, it was quite loud so we waited for the rain to stop, then I shared my vows up at the house with Dave and then a Rainbow appeared! It was absolutely beautiful.  We headed down in front of the house and grabbed our balloons. We had 9 balloons, to celebrate the first 9 years of marriage and memories.  Then we had these two big balloons full of confetti which we wanted the boys to pop.  The first balloon, was to celebrate the past and all the greatness it has given us and the second was to celebrate the future and all the memories that are yet to be created!  We finished with some family photos and we then headed out for dinner at Pomodoras on Obi in Maleny! What a day to end it with a beautiful meal and with the ones I love!

Was so worth it!   So there is my story, hope you enjoyed it.  I know I did.

Thank you to the following Suppliers:
Photographer – White Images
Videographer –  White Lace Films
Dress – Marilyn Crystelle Bridal
Hair – Hair 4 Brides
Makeup – Natalie Hunter Makeup Artist
Flowers – Ginger Lily & Rose
Location – Halfmoon Hideaway

Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see the amazing video White Lace Films did as well.


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